Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ipage WordPress Setup – How easy is it to do?

Many of us may not have come across the word WordPress. For those who were not born in this generation would definitely not have any idea on what this is, what is its purpose or on how that works. However, if you are an online businessman, you definitely have a wide understanding on what WordPress is and how it can be beneficial to your business. You will definitely know how it works and what other things your website needs in order to be competent enough to outrank your competitors. In line with your Ipage subscription, since you are entitled to use WordPress for your business, we will discuss on how you will do your Ipage WordPress Setup.
Ipage WordPress Setup 
In the first place, what is WordPress? Well, WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content-management based on PHP or MySQL that is usually being run by a web hosting service. Since Ipage is your web hosting service provider, you can definitely run WordPress for your business. This tool has several templates to choose from according to your preference. These templates include themes, plugins, widgets, multi-user and multi-blogging, and mobile features. So how do you do an Ipage WordPress setup? First, you will have to log in to your Ipage account. On the log in field, you will need to key in your Ipage credentials or your Ipage username and password. After logging in, you will hover your mouse pointer until you Scripting and Add-ons tab and from the drop down menu, you will select Install Central. After clicking on it, you will then be taken to the different tabs where you will find the Blog tab. After going to your Blog tab, you will then choose WordPress below its Overview option. Upon going to the WordPress section, kindly check  for the Begin Installation button at the bottom of the page. Kindly click on it. You will then be asked to enter your website-related information.
You will put on the information field your Blog Title, Admin Username and Password, username and domain name. After all required fields are filled up, you will click on the Install Now button in order to have your WordPress installed. You may then check on your link in order to check on how your page looks like. If in case you will be getting an error in your home page, kindly check on your files all about WordPress and delete the home page information. After doing that, kindly check again if your web page is working properly with no errors in it.
If we give ourselves the chance to get updated with technology, we will see how easy it is to use. Like these blog tool called WordPress, it is easy to do an Ipage WordPress setup and it will not take an even 30 minutes of your time. The use of WordPress is just easy but the revenue that it can bring you is heavy. That is why for making use of online marketing tools such as that, selection of the right web hosting service provider to keep it going is a crucial thing to do.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Ipage Domain Privacy – Why It Is Greatly Important To Get This Feature

The increase of individuals and entrepreneurs who are creating websites is not surprising. Of course, the online community is packed with potential clients that can be converted to a large volume of sales. On one hand, if you have a website that is fully functioning over the web and is hosted by iPage, then you might want to consider adding the ipage domain privacy feature of your hosting plan. What is this feature and why can it be a great help to website owners?
Explaining It
As what the name implies, the ipage domain privacy feature that you can get from iPage is a security feature that will protect the personal information that you submitted when you registered your domain. In the process of registering your domain, you will also be submitting your personal information for authentication. Because of this, whenever someone wants to know who’s the owner of your website, then that someone can easily access your personal information just by typing your website’s url in the Who Is database. This is a little bit risky, as this can invite cyber criminals from sending your spam messages to hack your computer or access your financial information. This is one of the reasons why you need the ipage domain privacy feature. 

This feature will hide your personal information and replace it with a generic information provided by iPage itself. But of course, you will remain as the owner of your website, and you are free to answer any queries or questions coming from anonymous individuals over the web. The main point is, the said privacy feature will only act as a filter of every messages coming from individuals who wants to contact you. And its upto you whether you want to answer the messages or not.
By the way, here are the main factors why you need to avail the said domain privacy feature.
·         Your website counters the belief of the organization that you are a member of. It is true that a lot of people don’t want others to know that they are the owner of particular websites. This goes especially if the individual is a member of an organization that has a website which is in direct contrast of the organization he/she is in. A good example of this is an environmentalist who is promoting not-environmental-friendly products on his/her website.

·         Prevents identity theft. It’s not a secret that the number of identity theft cases over the web is still many. This is why you should do some preventive measures to keep away from cyber criminals who are after your personal and financial information. This can be done through the domain privacy feature that is offered by iPage. Therefore, don’t forget to get this feature if you don’t want to be listed as one of the victims of identity theft.

To sum it up, it is highly recommended to protect your identity from cyber criminals over the web, and getting the domain privacy feature from ipage can give you ease in doing this.

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Ipage Domain Privacy from ARDITHHazel on Vimeo.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Know all about Ipage here
Ipagetraining centers created their company way back in 1998 to provide the most cutting edge services to our entire clientele with a common aim to better their business. Since then, ipage has hosted more than a million web sites on its policy. More so, in the last few years, we have undergone a sea change to provide even better services on all levels to our clients so that it becomes easy for them to launch and maintain their business online. Our round the clock and most effective team of support staffs work hard to provide the most suitable solutions according to the problem in hand, in the least possible time. This has helped us a great deal in becoming one of the most looked after as well as successful web hosting providers in the country. We also strive to make ourselves up to date with all the technologies and submit ourselves to a lot many revisions with time to better our standards and also achieve the numero uno position in the industry.

Our efficient team of technicians has all the resources required to help our clients have a better and well-organized business at every level. For this, we also show our clients just how easy it is to have their own ipage account to manage their own respective data through our web site and that within a matter of few minutes. There are a plethora of reasons why one should us over others. First of all, we are a perfect solution for any business that is looking forward to have the best business solutions on various domains and those too at most affordable rates. We make sure that all our clients get the best possible quality web site in their specific industry. This not only makes them more confident about conducting business more professionally but also helps to increase their revenues by achieving the target of least down time.

Our site gives a lot of idea about how one can follow the easy steps to register with us and our team will call them back to provide best options to make them happy as well as content. Ipage also has an essential plan that comprises of the whole lot of things that are needed to put together any kind of individual or business web site, which consists of a free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases, a free site builder with intuitive drag-and-drop interface, an on-click installation scripts for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, marketing credits of more than $400, a business email address with webmail, spam filters, etc., round the clock support for online selling together with a free shopping cart and PayPal incorporation, a web hosting control panel, all analytic tools, to name a few, that can help your business a great deal in every way possible.

Even though ipage offers highly ready for action prices but a client can even save more with our discount vouchers after signing up on web site. The discount is usually valid for the 2/3 year plans.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Importance Of Having Ipage Sitelock

Ipage Sitelock
Before discussing the benefits and some important factors of the Ipage Sitelock, you better educate first yourself about what is this security all about. Whatever niche of business, entrepreneurs must be updated about the latest craze of technology. And one of the major concerns is improving their websites
From corporate businesses to personal site owners, the services of iPage have put great focus on maintaining a high level of security when it comes to web hosting services. This web provider has partnered up with SiteLock, a popular internet security company. To ensure full security of the websites of their clients, Ipage offers SiteLock’s malware and spam-scanning software for free value-add services.
Speaking about SiteLock, this security company provides “badges” to clients who have constantly maintained a pristine environment of their domains. By having a badge, the company guarantees security and boost confidence in their client’s end-users that their sessions to that domain will cover safety and protection.
What are the other reasons why you need to get iPage’s SiteLock Security features? Well obviously, in this generation, the Internet has extremely grown in very unbelievable exponential pace. With that, many companies have been transitioning their businesses to online as there is a big possibility to get in touch with their clients and possible clients.
With the continuous increasing business traffic, hostile parties have also started taking advantage of the Internet’s great accessibility to compromise security and attack online businesses. The domains managed by iPage are less prone to the possible threat that can be gotten online, since their web hosting service packages are tightly integrated with SiteLock’s security features.
With partnership of the IPage and SiteLock, your end-users have assurance that they can transact with your online business safely. This will result of greater traffic for your domain, plus greater revenue for your company.
Some web hosting services offer security features at a very expensive price and as an add-on. But with Ipage, web hosting packages offered are very unique and sensible
Ipage Sitelock

Below are the following features:
·         The SECURE badge of Sitelock is an image file that is usually shown in any or all pages in their domain. It acts as a notice to all end-users who access to your domain that their transactions and sessions will be secure.
·         SiteLock’s spam checking feature ensures that all emails sent from your domain are not marked as spam. In this way, it gives assurance to the subscribers of your online business will see emails sent from your domain and will not be forwarded or blocked by most spam-detecting software which are usually happening in some email services.
·         SiteLock always scans your domain’s database in order to make sure that there are no open holes and vulnerabilities on your domain’s database.
·         SiteLock always scans the entire domain for malware to make sure that your end-users  will not be vulnerable to any malicious code.

By knowing the great features of the Ipage Sitelock, you’ll have a peace of mind once you decide to purchase their services. To know more about their features and services, or if you have other concerns, you can reach their customer services anytime as they are available 24/7.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Would Do Well To Go For iPage: An iPage Review

If you're in the market for a web host to host your own domain in your own web hosting account, then you're missing out by not reading through an iPage review or two. There is an upcoming hosting service in town and the name is "iPage."

When it comes to hosting, you'd think that all hosting services are like. This is not true. Here is a guide on what to look for in a great hosting provider:

ipage review
100% Uptime. Whether you only have one blog to worry about or a gazillion, one thing is clear: You CANNOT afford to have downtimes. Sometimes, it's tragic when a blog or website owner cries at the fact that their blog or website experiences downtimes. When you trace the facts, you'll find that at the end of the digital disaster trail is actually an unreliable web host. We won't name names, but other affordable web hosting service providers are notorious for the very lousy service.

Availability of different web applications. Although all you need is Wordpress, you may still want to explore the other web apps that you can use with your website. You may want to try project management software, blogging platforms, and other tools that are usually available via Fantastico. Fantastico is a web app installation platform that usually comes with most hosting services. For potential iPage users, Wordpress is definitely available.

Value-for-money features. Most hosting accounts provide only the hosting services themselves, and the domain needs to be purchased separately. Not iPage. The various iPage review you can find around the internet report that iPage gives you a free domain with your hosting purchase.

Virus and malware protection. Lucky for potential iPage customers, each iPage account comes with an option to add Site Lock straight out of the box. And unlike most of the major webhosting providers, iPage's Site Lock feature is priced more affordably.

Great after-sales service. Having a stable hosting account isn't enough: you also have to have great tech support for those rare times that your website does get problems and you would definitely need help. No web hosting service is 100% perfect, and you would really need help from time to time. Helpful customer service representatives and technical support teams would be a great complement to a great web hosting service. According to an iPage review, you would do great to contact iPage's email support but skip the chat support.

If hosting a single blog with Wordpress is the only thing you'll do with a hosting account, then you'll do fine with iPage. According to iPage review that are available online, iPage accounts powered with Wordpress are highly reliable. It is also a great feature for new Wordpress themes that incorporate eCommerce features in their functionality. For the users who have complained iPage's limitations in eCommerce, one great solution will be a WooThemes WooCommerce theme and plugin. This way, you will also get to take your use of Wordpress with iPage to the next level.

The bottom line is that, if you're using Wordpress and are into a trial run of the potentials of eCommerce and online ventures, listen to the iPage review that says that iPage will be all that you need to get started with your very first website.