Wednesday, May 15, 2013

You Would Do Well To Go For iPage: An iPage Review

If you're in the market for a web host to host your own domain in your own web hosting account, then you're missing out by not reading through an iPage review or two. There is an upcoming hosting service in town and the name is "iPage."

When it comes to hosting, you'd think that all hosting services are like. This is not true. Here is a guide on what to look for in a great hosting provider:

ipage review
100% Uptime. Whether you only have one blog to worry about or a gazillion, one thing is clear: You CANNOT afford to have downtimes. Sometimes, it's tragic when a blog or website owner cries at the fact that their blog or website experiences downtimes. When you trace the facts, you'll find that at the end of the digital disaster trail is actually an unreliable web host. We won't name names, but other affordable web hosting service providers are notorious for the very lousy service.

Availability of different web applications. Although all you need is Wordpress, you may still want to explore the other web apps that you can use with your website. You may want to try project management software, blogging platforms, and other tools that are usually available via Fantastico. Fantastico is a web app installation platform that usually comes with most hosting services. For potential iPage users, Wordpress is definitely available.

Value-for-money features. Most hosting accounts provide only the hosting services themselves, and the domain needs to be purchased separately. Not iPage. The various iPage review you can find around the internet report that iPage gives you a free domain with your hosting purchase.

Virus and malware protection. Lucky for potential iPage customers, each iPage account comes with an option to add Site Lock straight out of the box. And unlike most of the major webhosting providers, iPage's Site Lock feature is priced more affordably.

Great after-sales service. Having a stable hosting account isn't enough: you also have to have great tech support for those rare times that your website does get problems and you would definitely need help. No web hosting service is 100% perfect, and you would really need help from time to time. Helpful customer service representatives and technical support teams would be a great complement to a great web hosting service. According to an iPage review, you would do great to contact iPage's email support but skip the chat support.

If hosting a single blog with Wordpress is the only thing you'll do with a hosting account, then you'll do fine with iPage. According to iPage review that are available online, iPage accounts powered with Wordpress are highly reliable. It is also a great feature for new Wordpress themes that incorporate eCommerce features in their functionality. For the users who have complained iPage's limitations in eCommerce, one great solution will be a WooThemes WooCommerce theme and plugin. This way, you will also get to take your use of Wordpress with iPage to the next level.

The bottom line is that, if you're using Wordpress and are into a trial run of the potentials of eCommerce and online ventures, listen to the iPage review that says that iPage will be all that you need to get started with your very first website.


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