Monday, June 10, 2013

Importance Of Having Ipage Sitelock

Ipage Sitelock
Before discussing the benefits and some important factors of the Ipage Sitelock, you better educate first yourself about what is this security all about. Whatever niche of business, entrepreneurs must be updated about the latest craze of technology. And one of the major concerns is improving their websites
From corporate businesses to personal site owners, the services of iPage have put great focus on maintaining a high level of security when it comes to web hosting services. This web provider has partnered up with SiteLock, a popular internet security company. To ensure full security of the websites of their clients, Ipage offers SiteLock’s malware and spam-scanning software for free value-add services.
Speaking about SiteLock, this security company provides “badges” to clients who have constantly maintained a pristine environment of their domains. By having a badge, the company guarantees security and boost confidence in their client’s end-users that their sessions to that domain will cover safety and protection.
What are the other reasons why you need to get iPage’s SiteLock Security features? Well obviously, in this generation, the Internet has extremely grown in very unbelievable exponential pace. With that, many companies have been transitioning their businesses to online as there is a big possibility to get in touch with their clients and possible clients.
With the continuous increasing business traffic, hostile parties have also started taking advantage of the Internet’s great accessibility to compromise security and attack online businesses. The domains managed by iPage are less prone to the possible threat that can be gotten online, since their web hosting service packages are tightly integrated with SiteLock’s security features.
With partnership of the IPage and SiteLock, your end-users have assurance that they can transact with your online business safely. This will result of greater traffic for your domain, plus greater revenue for your company.
Some web hosting services offer security features at a very expensive price and as an add-on. But with Ipage, web hosting packages offered are very unique and sensible
Ipage Sitelock

Below are the following features:
·         The SECURE badge of Sitelock is an image file that is usually shown in any or all pages in their domain. It acts as a notice to all end-users who access to your domain that their transactions and sessions will be secure.
·         SiteLock’s spam checking feature ensures that all emails sent from your domain are not marked as spam. In this way, it gives assurance to the subscribers of your online business will see emails sent from your domain and will not be forwarded or blocked by most spam-detecting software which are usually happening in some email services.
·         SiteLock always scans your domain’s database in order to make sure that there are no open holes and vulnerabilities on your domain’s database.
·         SiteLock always scans the entire domain for malware to make sure that your end-users  will not be vulnerable to any malicious code.

By knowing the great features of the Ipage Sitelock, you’ll have a peace of mind once you decide to purchase their services. To know more about their features and services, or if you have other concerns, you can reach their customer services anytime as they are available 24/7.
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